Horisun now offers a very attractive line of polarized glasses along with their popular Z87 safety glass program.

Ivy Classic now offers a private label 24 tooth 7-1/2" carbide saw blade, 25' tape measure, folding utility knife, 6-in-1 screwdriver, and Pro ratcheting screwdriver--all with your store name on them.  No set-up or imprint charge,.

Ivy also has Snap in drill bits and masonry bits for impact drivers, large diameter drill bits up to 1-1/2" and Swift-Bore 4-cutter auger bits.  

SHAWSHANK LEDz has released many great new items this fall including reading glasses new work lights and phone accessories.  Buy 7 displays, get one FREE! They have lots of great items at great prices, and $200.00 freight prepaid.

Promier Products has an exciting line up of higher end LED products at reasonable prices.  They have linear  LED head lamps, work lights and flashlights up to 3500 lumens.

Key Craze has a full line of color keys starting at just $0.70 each. Also, replacement remote shells, and licensed college and Pro team keys and accessories

Midwest Fastener :  Many new assortments and dual slide racks now available.  Ask your rep to show you how to double your merchandise selection without taking another inch of space!

UDI has new Maverick and Legacy Knife catalogues, new LED catalogue, and updated winter and camo gear flyer.  Contact your rep for any of this information or visit www.udiimpulsepower.com

Wilde Tool now has a line of BRASS punches.  Also, new hard cap pry bars with screwdriver style handles.